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Overview of our application.


About Myinsure

We are an insurance platform where you can compare a diverse range of insure products and find one that suits your needs within minutes. Our solutions suit any need, usage and budget.
Most insurance sites are lead generators, meaning that they’ll capture your personal information and sell that to insurance companies/agents/brokers who will in turn, try to sell you. We don’t do that. If you want insurance, you have the ability to purchase insurance on your own and we will personally work with you. We also provide great user experience. We want to simplify and personalize the entire insurance experience for each user with the ability to have greater control over your insurance portfolio. We are devoted in designing an easy to navigate platform, creating helpful tools and writing engaging content.
No, Myinsure is a Kenyan online Insurance Agency that sells policies from multiple local insurance providers– all insurance agents are required by law to be licensed to do business in Kenya.
No, we do not charge a broker fee.
We consider insurance companies that are reputable and have sound financial ratings. We work with companies that are comfortable with an online-based model and those that will provide a great user experience to our customers.
A Myinsure expert is available to help with your questions. Email us at team@myinsure.co.ke

What does Myinsure Offer

Currently we offer Health Insurance, Life Assurance and Travel Insurance
Myinsure offers insurance service country wide in Kenya. Download our App through the following link or visit Google app store or apple store.

Policies and Quotes

Yes, it is free to compare quotes at Myinsure.
We accept payment through PayPal and PesaPal.
We service the policies we sell.
Please reach out to our customer service team at +254-7XX-XXXXXX

Privacy and Security

The information you provide is used to provide you with insurance rates as you, this info is relayed to insurance companies for this purpose. We do not send your information to third parties. Here is a link to our Privacy Policy.

Meet the Team

MyInsure is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced experts, designers, developers and programmers. Learn more about each person by reading their descriptions below:
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Chief Executive Officer
Kennedy Kioko
team member icon
General Manager
Joann Murithi
team member icon
Chief Information Officer
Ceasar Tuva
team member icon
Chief Legal Officer
Margaret Ngarachu
team member icon
Lead Legal Officer
Chris Irungu
team member icon
Chief Operations Officer
Martin Kioko
team member icon
Strategic Business Analyst
Anthony Makau
team member icon
Web Developer
Anthony Munene
team member icon
HR Business Partner
Mercy Muthoni
team member icon
Mobile Developer
Kevin Obura
team member icon
Finance Manager
Thomson Muia

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